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8000 SR Certification

Evitati conflictele cu salariatii in organizatia dumneavoastra

Why us

The certification of social responsibility management systems with GCSM benefits from:

  • RS 8000 certification in partnership with other international certification bodies;

  • real value added by auditors and professional experts;

  • informatii referitoare la evolutiile documentelor de referinta, reglementarilor si al cerintelor sistemelor de management al calitatii, precum si al certificarii prin posibilitatea accesarii website-ului GCSM, prin invitatii la cursurile de instruire, simpozioanele si conferintele organizate de GCSM;

  • informatii referitoare la programele guvernamentale de finantare in vederea certificarii SA 8000; (information on guvernment programs for financing RS 8000 Certification)

  • right to use GCSM’s conformity mark for promotional purposes;

  • inclusion in the data base of the organizations certified by GCSM, publicly available on GCSM’s website.

Reference Standard

RS 8000:2014

This international standard specifies requirements for a social responsibility standard, when an organization needs to demonstrate its compliance with international human rights, and national labor laws for all permanent employees or collaborators.

Certification Benefits

  • improve working conditions for all permanent employees or collaborators;

  • reduce the risk of accidents and occupational diseases;

  • providing equal opportunities to all employees;

  • increase staff motivation to participate actively in the work process;

  • maintaining good relations with employees, unions and labor authorities;

  • facilities in obtaining authorizations and financing;

  • reduce incidents bind;

  • create a proper attitude towards work among employees.