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ISO Certification

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Why certification?
§ Provides trust in conformity – by certification GCSM demonstrates that a system/ systems management of any organization is/are according to reference standard /standards or other normative documents
§ Makes the difference between companies on the market – uncertified companies are treated differently by customers and authorities (more second part audits from customers, more inspections and controls from authorities)
§ Pressure made by groups of interest –on companies that are not certified can be exerted pressures by the local authorities, local community, employees, local public administration, financial institutions, insurance companies, NGO’s, etc.
§ image and reputation – certified companies derive advantage from a better image and reputation than those that are not certified
§ competitive – certified companies are preferred by customers and consumers as they can demonstrate compliance with the requirements and ability to create value
§ client’s loyalty and business continuity – clients prefer for their business partners to be certified
§ eligibility – certified clients are eligible for the award of major contracts, especially in the public domain
§ Promotion possibilities –by using GCSM’s certification mark and by the presence in our data base, publicly available on GCSM’s website (www.grupcertificare.eu.ro), you have additional tools for promoting.
Validity of certification
Certificates granted by GCSM for management systems are valid for three years, after which must be renewed.