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ISO 45001Certification

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Why us

The certification of occupational health and safety management systems OH&S 18001 with GCSM benefits from:

  • accredited OH&S 18001 certification;

  • real value added by auditors and professional experts;

  • information related to the evolution of reference documents, regulations and requirements of occupational health and safety management systems, and also of certification by the possibility of accessing the website of GCSM, by invitations to training courses, symposia and conferences organized by GCSM;

  • informatii referitoare la programele guvernamentale de finantare in vederea certificării ISO 9001; (information on government programs for financing OH&S 18001 Certification)

  • right to use GCSM’s conformity mark for promotional purposes;

  • inclusion in the data base of the organizations certified by GCSM, publicly available on GCSM’s website.

Reference Standard

SR OHSAS 18001:2008

Specification contains generic requirements for occupational health and safety management systems and is intended for application by all organizations that want to maintain control over their own occupational health and safety risks.

Standard does not establish specific criteria for occupational health and safety performance and does not contain detailed specifications for the design of a management system.

Certification Benefits

  • improve working conditions;

  • reduce the risk of accidents and occupational diseases;

  • increased motivation of staff in active participation in the reduction of hazards in the work place;

  • maintaining good relations with the employees and with occupational health and safety authorities;

  • permits and financing facilities;

  • reducing accidents that involve legal responsibility;

  • create a proper attitude towards occupational health and safety among employees.