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ISO 50001Certification

Protejam mediul folosind resursele regenerabile pentru energie.

Why us

The certification of information safety systems with GCSM benefits from:

  • real value added by auditors and professional experts;

  • information related to the evolution of reference documents, regulations and requirements of information safety systems, and also of certification by the possibility of accessing the website of GCSM, by invitations to training courses, symposia and conferences organized by GCSM;

  • information on government programs for financing ISO 50001 Certification;

  • right to use GCSM’s conformity mark for promotional purposes;

  • inclusion in the data base of the organizations certified by GCSM, publicly available on GCSM’s website.

Reference Standard

SR ISO/CEI 27001:2006

The standard contains general requirements for energy management systems and are for applicable by all organizations seeking to formulate and to implement energy policy, energy plans and objectives taking into account the legal requirements and information on meaningful use of energy. The Standard establishes requirements for the proper use and energy consumption and includes practices, measuring, documenting and recording, design and procurement for equipment, systems, processes and personnel that contribute to energy performance. Certification Benefits

  • improved energy performance;

  • reduces emissions of greenhouse gases;

  • saves types of finite resources by replacing them with renewable sources;

  • maintains good relationships with the local community and authorities;

  • facilitates authorizations and financing;

  • reduces incidents involving legal liability;

  • creates an appropriate attitude towards the environment among employees and suppliers.