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GRUPUL DE CERTIFICARE SISTEME DE MANAGEMENT (GCSM), searches for collaborators, auditors for Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems and Organizational Health and Safety Management Systems, authorized persons, for the following domains:
• Health
• Constructions
• Electricity
• Food Industry
• chemistry and plastics
• metallurgy/siderurgy/car industry
The auditors must have the following competences:
• Faculty Diploma for the domains mentioned above or in connected domains
• minimum of 5 years of activity, from which two years in the above mentioned domains
•training in the audit field, certificate recognized by CNFPA or IRCA
• at least 30 days of third party audit in the above mentioned domains, made in the last two years (there are not taken into account the audits « in formation»)
The interested persons are invited to send to GCSM a CV, European model, in which to give as much details as possible related to the activities of the companies for which they worked and also the activities they had in the company. Also they are asked to detail the auditor activity (the company for which the audit was made, activity field, standard, place in the audit team, certification body).

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