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The success of a management system functioning effectively in an organization depends on the competence of the staff involved.

GCSM supports interested organizations by organizing a complex palette of courses, organized on the basis of a training program, in the domains of management systems, management systems audit, legislation and techniques for improving the management systems.

Courses are authorized by CNFPA and are thought by qualified and experienced lecturers, with a rich teaching and practice experience.

The cost for training is of 800 Ron/student.

Terms of participation

The courses are organized by GCSM and are addressed to all the organizations that implemented or want to implement, maintain or improve a management system and also to persons who want to start a career in the domain of management or management audit.

In order to be able to participate at the courses for training management systems auditors and improvement techniques for management systems, prior knowledge of management standards is required.

Persons who participate at the courses for management systems auditors must have at least secondary education and minimum 4 years experience.

If you want to attend our courses please follow the attached course schedule and complete the form.