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European funds

Until 2013 small and middle companies can access funds that are partially not repayable for the implementation and certification of management systems by Sectorial Operational Programme ,,Growth of Economic Competitivity” (POS CCE), Prior Axis 1 – An innovative and ecoefficient production system, DMI 1.1 Productive investments and preparation for enterprises market competition, especially for small and medium size companies, Op. 1.1.2 –Support for the implementation of standards, handled by the Management Authority for Sectorial Operational Programme ,,Growth of Economic Competitivity” from Ministry of Economics, Commerce and Business Environment.
In order to be eligible, companies musn’t have debts to the state buget (taxes), to have profit, make the proof that they have resources for their part of cofinance and must follow the plurality rule, and also that the total amount of minimis help received on the period of three fiscal years, including the present fiscal year, either from state’s resources or local authorities, either from community resources, not to overdraw 200.000 Euro, the equivalent in lei at the date of granting minimis help.

Calendarul lansarilor POS CCE pe anul 2011